Crónica del Sábado 13

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What is the name of the speaker?

José Luis Cárpatos

What is the website he is speaking for?

What are the four key points he discusses in the video?

Technical key, fundamental key, quantitative key, and other key

When did he start recording the video?

Saturday, January 13th

What does the speaker mention about his vacation?

He didn't have a vacation

What health issues does the speaker mention about his family?

Recurrent infections and back pain

How does the speaker's dog react when he wants to watch a football match?

The dog gets nervous and the speaker has to watch the match with the sound off

What series did the speaker watch recently?

A British series

What is the speaker's opinion about British series?

They lack spark and liveliness

What program does the speaker mention for financial education?

Master in financial markets

What is the alternative option for the master program?

Master at your own pace in financial markets

What is the first support level for the S&P 500 index?



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