fixed prosthdodontics

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What are the four phases of a treatment plan?

Phase 1 (examination), Phase 2 (Control phase, mouth preparation and stabilization of the oral condition), Phase 3 (definitive therapy), Phase 4 (follow-up)

What are the steps involved in initial therapy for diseased periodontium?

Control of microbial plaque, Good oral hygiene measures (brushing/flossing), Scaling & Polishing (If needed), Root planing (If needed), Correction of defective and/or overhanging restorations, Stabilization of mobile teeth (splinting), Strategic tooth removal

What is the best option after extraction of a hopeless tooth?

Placement of an implant-supported restoration

What is splinting in dentistry?

The process of stabilizing a mobile tooth by joining it with a healthy tooth (two or more teeth)

What are the methods of splinting?

Temporary and provisional splints, Permanent splints

What are the benefits of splinting?

Decreasing the amount of forces and proper direction of force, Stabilizing teeth so that the occlusal forces are distributed to a combination of teeth rather than to an individual tooth, Preventing pathologic migration, Retaining the teeth in position, Preventing slanting or flaring

What is the indication for temporary splints?

Grade I/II mobility

What are the materials used for temporary splints?

Ligature wire, Composite, Composite milling, Removable appliance

What is the purpose of long-term provisional splints?

Splinting and adjusting improper contact, contour, connector, esthetic problems, and design

What is the purpose of a long-term provisional restoration in esthetic oral rehab cases?

To act as a blueprint for the final restoration

What are the guidelines for constructing a long-term provisional restoration?

Assess adequacy of tooth reduction, Determine the clinical crown contours, Develop therapeutic occlusal arrangement, Control occlusal forces and assess function

What is the purpose of a permanent splint?

To permanently stabilize teeth by joining them together


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